Supernatural‘s 200th Episode Will Feature Meta, Singing, Possibly Dancing

Supernatural is certainly no stranger to the meta narrative, but their 200th episodes (set to air this upcoming season), is going the road of many great shows before it… with song!

According to Jeremy Carver the 200th episode won’t be a musical… exactly:

“We’re going pretty meta. I would just describe it as something of a love letter to our fans and there will be songs.”

Carver went onto say that some of the songs will be covers and some original. No word on who in the cast will sing, but money’s on Jensen Ackles at least, who is known at Supernatural conventions for playing guitar and crooning to the masses.

The 10th season of Supernatural premieres on October 7th, and the 200th episode will be the fifth in the lineup, so we’ll likely be seeing this meta-musical extravaganza in November! Pretty exciting, given that fans have been harping on a musical episode for a long time. Wishes do come true!

News via Bleeding Cool.


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