Sleepy Hollow is Getting a New Sheriff?

In an interview with the Television Critics Association, Sleepy Hollow producer Mark Goffman, said a new sheriff named Lena Reyes will join the Sleepy P.D. in Season Two! Obviously, Orlando Jones’ character wouldn’t be able to keep his job after the fallout from Season One, but we’re hoping that the former Capt. Irving sticks around in some capacity, because a world without Jones’ Twitter feed and Tumblr presence is not a world worth living in.

Goffman also mentioned that the new character, Reyes, will have “a history in Sleepy Hollow,” and that she’s “been with the border patrol for a while, so she’s really no-nonsense and a real obstacle.” Hmmm… so the two Witnesses will once again have to dodge around a realistic boss, who’s going to get in their way at every turn? Because we were kind of into the way Sleepy Hollow just jumped straight to Capt. Irving deciding to trust Ichabbie, and allow them to chase demons. We really just want to watch the chase demons for 40 minutes, with occasional breaks for Ichabod to bitch about modern life while Abbie tries not to laugh. But, as Abbie and Ichabod must learn to trust each other in the face of Apocalypse Itself, we will trust you, show! We will meet this new character, this Lena Reyes, and we’re sure we’ll grow to love her.

But for real, show, if anything happens to Jenny, it’s all over.

The interview also featured Nicole Beharie saying this: “I think it’s interesting and kind of fun… that she has a relationship with [Ichabod], but it’s not romantic… she’s not defined by some sexual [desire]. She’s unearthing all these things about her past and her history through this person who seems like he shouldn’t be in her life.”

Yay, Abbie! As far as we’re concerned, you’re the real sheriff of Sleepy Hollow. Also? Our hearts.

Check out more teasers, along with fabulously moody cast photos, over on TVLine!


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