You’ll Never Know Who the Joker is on Gotham

As we’re gearing up for Gotham’s premiere this fall, of course all Batman fans want to know if and when the Joker will make his appearance in FOX’s origin-story series. Here’s a cool bit of speculation news* from Bleeding Cool: We’ll see not one Joker, but many potential Jokers—one every week.

Bleeding Cool had noticed that in the Gotham pilot, actor Jon Beavers plays a stand-up comedian. Who else could he be but the Joker, right?

Gotham who is the Joker many potential Jokers every episode

Instead, how about this: Every episode, Gotham introduces a character who could (or could not) be the Joker. Some will do stand-up or clowning, others will be gag aficionados or flower sellers, still others will simply have a chilling laugh… There are several key, iconic elements to play with, and seeing them reflected back on Gotham’s various citizens also brings to mind the Joker’s wide-ranging street gang.

Though the article doesn’t reference any source on this inspired idea, it jibes with how executive producers Bruno Heller and Danny Cannon teased the Joker to Movie Pilot in June (emphasis ours):

Heller: I would say he is, for everyone involved to a degree because it’s about the villains, he’s the crown jewel in the villains’ crown. So we’re going to be very careful and thoughtful about how we roll that character out.

Cannon: We have the luxury in nobody’s ever really delved way back. The amount of thought and time we’ve been allowed to give that is terrific because when we finally do reveal the “real” Joker, and that’s a tip, it will be very thought out and worth the wait.

In Batman and The Dark Knight Rises, the Joker was unmistakable—it was everything that happened after his first on-screen appearance that mattered. But, seeing as Gotham is all about origin stories, it’s only fitting that the more eagle-eyed viewers will get to track the Joker’s evolution into Batman’s most fearsome foe.

You know what would be really cool? If they drew from Neil Gaiman’s comic Batman: Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader? and set up Alfred as one of the potential Jokers…

Photos: Warner Bros. Animation, FOX

*Correction: The Bleeding Cool report was news and not speculation, as noted in the comments below.


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