Hannibal At the Zoo Twitter is “Terrifying Collision of the Sacred and the Profane”

It’s a bit ironic that @ZooHannibal, the bizarre and weirdly funny Twitter account collecting Hannibal Lecter’s existential musings from a day at the zoo, is so pro-animal. You know, considering that the good doctor has such a predilection for feasting on human parts—the rawer, the better.

At any rate, the account (which was started in May) reads like an especially bizarre piece of fanfiction. @ZooHannibal’s random tour through the butterfly garden and marmoset enclosure brings us tweets on captivity, power, and feeding time, and even a message for his patient Will Graham.

We love how, depending on the tweet, Lecter is addressing either the other humans enjoying the zoo or the animals themselves—with whom he seems to have a better rapport than his fellow two-leggers.

And of course, it adds an extra, chilling layer to consider that Lecter himself will someday be a creature in captivity.

So great.

[via Metafilter]

Photo: NBC


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