Sailor Moon Reboot’s New Opening and Transformation Sequence Leaked

July seems to be the month for anime—in addition to Netflix’s original series Knights of Sidonia, the Sailor Moon reboot will premiere on July 5! Ahead of the new series, both the new theme song and Sailor Moon’s iconic transformation sequence have been leaked… and they’re a bit different from the original we all know and love.

The new Sailor Moon Crystal opening is peppy and a bit more frenetic than what we’re used to. That said, it serves to get the fans really jazzed for the reboot (which, rather than just remake the 1992 original, hews more closely to the manga).

And even though there was some apprehension about the choice to not remake the iconic “Moonlight Densetsu” song, judging from the fan reactions to this video, Momoiro Clover Z’s “Moon Pride” theme went over very well:

Plus, we get some little story tidbits, like the fact that Tuxedo Mask now wears glasses? And just listen to the fans go wild for the Negaverse folks.

And yet, as fun as it is to warble “La La Pretty Guardian Sailor Moooooon,” we’ll always be partial to the cheesy American theme, as performed by Moon Lips:

Kotaku found this video contrasting Usagi’s Sailor Moon transformations then and now—skip to 0:44 for the Crystal version, and 1:45 for a side-by-side comparison. The new one is markedly CGI, with more attention paid to the small details of her get-up (usually the case after a big costume change):

Sure, it looks cooler, but here’s hoping the show itself will continue to rely on creator Naoko Takeuchi’s original designs and less on the allure of CGI.

All of which is to say: We’re really, really excited for Sailor Moon Crystal.


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