Brian Staveley Invites You to Hunt Down Pieces to The Emperor’s Blades Sequel!

Want to play a global game? The hunt is on!

Brian Staveley has created a scavenger hunt for you. Want to read an excerpt from his next novel in his Chronicle of the Unhewn Throne trilogy? Just find the right book… it’s sort of like a Golden Ticket!

Here are the clues left by Staveley on his site. Simply find this:

Brian Staveley scavenger hunt, The Last Abbot

In a copy of The Emperor’s Blades marked like this:

Brian Staveley scavenger hunt, The Last Abbot

And then let him know! You can contact him through Twitter or email, and unlock part of the excerpt from The Last Abbot of Ashk’lan. Then a second easter egg will be revealed for the next piece of the excerpt! Scour the bookstores! Raid the shelves! Do not stop until they are found!

Heh. Sorry, we’re a little excited at the idea of gleeful mobs descending on bookstores.


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