A Pig Farm Almost Prevented Game of Thrones‘ Maisie Williams From Becoming Arya Stark

It turns out the greatest threat to Arya Stark’s survival was not Joffrey, or the Hound, or the Frey family, but a group of pigs. That is, the Arya Stark we know and love—Maisie Williams.

The Game of Thrones actress recently visited a pig farm in her hometown of Clutton in Somerset to help host a community event. In this cheeky BBC News segment, she reveals that she almost skipped out on her GoT audition five years ago because she wanted to visit the farm. (“Like, who doesn’t want to go to a pig farm when you’re twelve years old?”)

Considering Williams’ propensity for silly videos singing the show’s theme song…

…and this post-Red Wedding Vine we still watch over and over…

…we completely believe this. Thankfully, cooler minds (her mom) prevailed, and the rest is history. Pointy-ended history.

Williams seems very relaxed in her hometown, explaining that “it’s just such a lovely place to escape from the crazy life that I find myself in these days… where I’m just Maisie again; I’m not the girl off the telly.” Check out the BBC segment at the link above. It’s quite adorable. (And cool new nose piercing, Williams!)


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