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Carl is This Many Copies of Words of Radiance Tall

Sometimes you have a box full of one of the biggest fantasy novels you’ve ever published, a Carl, and a curiosity that must be sated.

Our resident Stormlight Archive rereader is 29 Words of Radiance tall! That’s a lot of words of radiance. And a lot of Carl, if we’re being honest.

Carl Engle-Laird Words of Radiance

Okay, he’s a little taller than 29 copies of Words of Radiance. And probably still growing. This is him at, what, nine feet or so? We can’t tell any longer. He is the storm.

(If you’d like to measure along at home, Words of Radiance is 2 3/4 inches in width. Thanks to fellow rereader Alice Arneson for measuring twice!)

It cannot be confirmed whether Carl was taken for ice cream after this picture was taken.


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