These Existential Godzilla Haikus Make Him King of the Feels

Godzilla just wants to be understood, you guys. Did you ever stop to think that, even as he was smashing the coast to pieces in his latest reboot, maybe he’s just trying to connect? After all, he knows that no matter who he’s facing off against in a given Godzilla film, humans are still going to feel strangely guilty about his path of destruction.

So of course there’s a Godzilla Haiku Tumblr for the big G to unleash his angst and tail-whip you with his sensitive side in seventeen syllables.

After rocker and sci-fi author Janis Ian posted several haikus to her Facebook page, we’re now looking at ol’ Gojira in a whole new light. Creator Samurai Frog’s melding of famous stills with alternately deep and irreverent verse are better than anything we scribbled in Intro to Poetry. Here are our favorites!

That last one—all the feels.

Photos: Godzilla Haiku (via Janis Ian’s Facebook)


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