Avengers Assemble for a Great Cause!

The Avengers have one again proved themselves to be amazing in real life! When Stratford Caldecott, a huge Marvel fan, was diagnosed with cancer, his daughter Sophie gave herself a mission. Since her father wouldn’t be able to see the Captain America: The Winter Soldier in a theaterhis bones had become to brittle for that—she decided to get in touch with Marvel to see if she could get a copy of the film for her father to screen at home. After posting her plan on her blog, Christopher Markus, one of Winter Soldier’s writers, found the post and got in touch, arranging for the family to get their movie.

But Sophie didn’t stop there! She also started a Twitter campaign, #CapForStrat, asking the Avengers to Tweet messages of support. The Avengers assembled, and Stratford has now received messages from several S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, a couple of superheroes, a couple of gods, and a Hulk! See some of the images below!

Thor and Tony got their signs mixed up:

Loki allowed the good bits of his nature to reign for a moment: 

And Stratford’s personal favorite, Bruce Banner, made sure his well wishes came from both him and the Other Guy: 

You can read more about Sophie Caldecott’s family here, and see more of the images at #CaptForStrat on Twitter!


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