David Tennant Returns in Gracepoint Mini-Series. Watch the Trailer.

Whomever murdered that boy, David Tennant is very disappointed in you. The beloved Tenth Doctor actor’s next big project is Gracepoint, a 10-episode Americanization of the UK series Broadchurch that, judging from the first trailer below, seems like it might be trying to capitalize on some of that True Detective buzz. Except without all the existentialism.

Why is the Doctor talking with a sort-of-American accent? We think it’s just to make us uncomfortable during police interrogations. Oh god it makes us so uncomfortable.

But hey! Anna Gunn is there too and from Breaking Bad to Deadwood and beyond, she is one solid actor, so probably this mini-series is going to be great based solely on her and Tennant’s performance. Who do you think killed little Timmy? Or was it Danny? Whatever. David Tennant is yelling at people onscreen and it’s just nice to see that again. He burns at the center of time, you know.

Do you think K-9 will show up?

Gracepoint premieres this fall on Fox.


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