Batman vs. Superman: Hollywood Weighs In!

Literally all of your favorite people have been asked the question: Batman or Superman? Total Film has been asking the question at press junkets for a while now, and have answers from a variety of actors and directors. The fun bit is in seeing how they interpret the question. While some actors clearly think it means “Who would win in a fight?” (as the pro-Superman Peter Berg declares, “preposterous fight. It’s gonna be a massacre.”), many others take it as a question about the characters’ as individuals. Some vote for Batman because he chooses to fight for good despite a lack of supernatural powers.

In Part One, the actors kind of ignore the binary nature of the question—Harrison Ford votes for Lois Lane, Kat Dennings declares her allegiance to Marvel, and Natalie Portman chooses a certain Norse god. And then Tom Hiddleston and Chris Hemsworth end up arguing over whether Supes could take Thor in a fight. It’s all pretty delightful.


Part two features (among others) Richard Ayoade, Evangeline Lilly, Daniel Radcliffe, and Dane DeHaan. Plus Sylvester Stallone tells a sweet story about his Superman fandom, and Benedict Cumberbatch once again wins all the hearts by choosing Batman for all the right reasons. And Jesse Eisenberg—Lex Luthor himself!—explains that this very question has torn his family apart.


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