Announcing the 2014 Spectrum Fantastic Art Award Finalists

Judging for the 21st edition of the Spectrum Fantastic Art Annual wrapped up yesterday. Five jurors looked at and evaluated over five thousand entries. A few hundred of the best entries will be complied into the Spectrum annual, due out next fall. Gold and silver medal winners will be announced at the awards ceremony at Spectrum Live, a weekend long celebration of fantastic art, in Kansas City, May 9-11th.

Congrualtions to everyone, in particular Tran Nguyen and Nicolas Delort for their work on!

The gold and silver finalists are:




  • Anita Kunz — Little Monsters
  • Victo Ngai — A Tiger Beer Chinese New Year
  • Shu Yan — Go Into the Gate
  • Kent Williams — The Criterion Collection Lord of the Flies (shown above)
  • Gabriel Verdon — Hiversaires



  • Scott Gustafson — Little Sambha and the Tiger with the Beautiful Purple Shoes with Crimson Soles
  • John Harris — Fire: the Road Beside the Wall
  • Petar Meseldzija — The Golden Apple Tree 1
  • Nicolas Delort — The End of the Road (shown above)
  • Kirsti Wakelin — Dreamboats, Lilies, Koi and Chang Kuo-lao



  • He Jie Mona — All Corners of the Country: The Lost Buildings  #4
  • David Palumbo — Aliens #1 cover
  • Thomas Campi — The Red Door
  • Mark A. Nelson — Seasons, page 1
  • Goni Montes — Clive Barker’s Next Testament #6


Concept Art

  • Theo Prins — Kite City 2
  • Theo Prins — Refugees
  • Brian Matyas — Messenger Girl
  • Vance Kovacs — John Carter Punches a Thark (shown above)
  • Jamie Jones — Ackzero Interior



  • Colin and Kristine Poole — Hot Diggety Dog
  • Shaun Tan — Grimm Tales: Thousandfurs (shown above)
  • The Shiflett Bros. — Vertical Man-Tank, 1892
  • Jessica Dalvo — Don’t Mind Me
  • Forest Rogers — Goblin Spider



  • Nicolas Delort — Rumor of Angels
  • Yuko Shimizu — Hair Tree
  • Luo Xin — Recall
  • Tran Nguyen — The Insects of Love (shown above)
  • Bill Mayer — Fragile Planet



  • Bill Carman — Shared Eyewear
  • Rebecca Yanovskaya — Ascent of Man
  • Ed Binkley — The Hag Griselle Pays a Visit
  • Justin Sweet — Blacksea
  • Donato Giancola —  Huor and Hurin Approach Gondolin (shown above)




  • Jean-Baptiste Monge — Ode to the Moon (shown above)
  • Yukari Masuike — Riding Horse on the Freezing Day
  • Annie Stegg — Lilaia the Naiad 
  • Omar Rayyan — The Long Walk Home
  • Audrey Benjaminsen — Lady of Light 




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