Sorry, Ladies—Black Widow is Taken… This Pic From The Winter Soldier Tells All

A number of promo shots have been released for Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and initially the one above had us caught between amusement over Steve’s face and envy over Natasha’s jacket.

But take a closer peek…

In case you were wondering who Widow might be thinking about between blowing sh*t up and getting it done, this closeup on her jewelry is a pretty solid clue (and is making us all kinds of teary):

Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Widow, necklace, arrow, Hawkeye


That, in case your monitor is failing you, would be a tiny silver arrow. And it is perhaps the only decorative aspect of her entire wardrobe at this moment.

The likelihood of Clint and Natasha buying each other presents given their line of work is minimal, so you know what this means—on some downtime, Natasha Romanov was taking a stroll through a city shopping area and was looking over jewelry. She spotted that small arrow, picked it up without a word, and bought the thing.

We will never be okay again.


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