Mark Hamill’s AMA asks the tough questions—what would Luke look like with a beard?

The one and only Mark Hamill had a Reddit AMA yesterday, and no, before you ask, there is no Episode VII news. (I’m pretty sure he would get fired for revealing that on Reddit, no matter how cool that would be.) So here are some of the best Q&A back-and-forths for those who are really curious about his opinion on lightsaber colors and whether older Luke should have a beard…

One fan asked who Hamill’s childhood hero was, seeing as he is the same for so many kids. We got an earful about Superman and Peter Pan and how he’d wanted to fly as a kid, but he thought Pan’s way of doing it looked more fun. He also adored old Disney live-action Zorro. Basically, Mark Hamill has great taste in childhood heroes.

One fan asked about his favorite lightsaber color, and he mentioned that he recently worked with Samuel L. Jackson, and thought it was cool that he’d had a unique saber hue:

“My favorite is green, I’m happy with what I had. You don’t need to give me lavender or raw umber or whatever.”

Point for the usage of raw umber as a color possibility! Also, he seems to understand that value of a day well-rested. When he was asked what his biggest accomplishment was, he waxed happily about his family and little house, then said:

“I always think a day when you never get out of your pajamas is a win.”

Yes. None of that egocentric marvel-at-my-creativity bunk, just PAJAMAS ARE AWESOME. Agreed.

But this one is important. This question pertains to the future of the entire Star Wars universe, and we must consider is carefully: should an older Luke Skywalker have facial hair? Here is Hamill’s reply:

“Well based on what has gone before, I have a feeling it’s beard, but I have no confirmation of that. My wife said if you grow a beard, you’ll cover up your cleft chin. That’s not something that occurred to me. But I can only guess. I’ve never read any of the novelizations or anything but someone said to me, ’you’re married, you have children.’ Based on Obi-Wan I would have guessed I’d be living in an igloo or something. He was more spiritual, he didn’t have a wife or children. And when you find out one of the only eligible women in the galaxy is your sister, it really cuts down on your odds of hooking up with anyone.”

We don’t have a problem with bearded Luke, right? I like the idea of bearded Luke! Well, as long as they give him a better haircut than Obi-Wan’s….

One his infamous “power converters” line:

“I get ribbed for that line because it was so whiney. And I remember at the time, I had to make it as juvenile as possible so that I can show how Luke matures later. So it should be embarrassing. It should be whiney and childish. But boy, has it come back to haunt me. I don’t think I ever got the chance to finally pick them up.”

One fan asked him if he ever tries to lift things with the Force, which led to just about the most uplifting thing you’ll read all day:

“You should always believe. Don’t go through life being skeptical. One thing that makes the films distinct is how optimistic they are. The philosophy is very uplifting and very positive. it was a way to approach the subject of spirituality without knocking you over the head with it. The force could be religion, science, magic.

I love that people can make what they want of it, and that they could find courage in their life. I’ve heard so many stories about what a positive thing it’s been for people.

Keep trying to make that remote lift, never give up. One day it will happen.”

I’m sorry, there’s just… there’s something in my eye. Luke Skywalker just told me I should never stop trying to use the Force. (So I guess I better start practicing again.) And then someone asked him what it was like knowing he was going to be immortal for playing the part, and he just got classier:

“Great question. Well, I’m all those things. I’m certainly humbled. But’s hard to really wrap one’s head around. I didn’t get into this business to be famous, I got in because I really like communicating. I wasn’t even sure I was going to be an actor. So I look at that as Luke, not really as me. Luke is immortal and I’m just an actor who got the honor to play him.”

And then someone had guts enough to talk about the Star Wars Holiday special, and if everyone knew it was a bad idea when they filmed it:

“Oh yeah. I thought it was a mistake from the beginning. It was just unlike anything else in the Star Wars universe. And I initially said that I didn’t want to do it, but George said it would help keep Star Wars in the consciousness and I wanted to be a team player so I did it. And I also said that I didn’t think Luke should sing, so they cut that number. And now, I think we shouldn’t be ashamed of it. They should put on the extra of the DVD’s – it shows how incredibly fallible we are! At that same time, it did introduce Boba Fett in an animated sequence, so it’s significant in that respect. Plus Art Carney was in it, who is one of my favorite comedic actors of all time.”


And then someone inquired as to the weirdest request he’d ever gotten from a fan and we were left with this gem:

“The strangest one was a cab driver who kept tell about the anti-christ and how Luke was blocking Darth Vader’s path to taking over the world. He wanted me to help out somehow. I wasn’t exactly sure how, but he was very passionate about it.”

Just… wow.

There’s so much more, (including his suggestion that C-3PO would be happier working the Metropolitan Museum of Art, which is true) and it’s all on Reddit! For the full event, head on over and scroll through!


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