You’re Right, Internet: The Only Way to Make Cumberbatch Better is to Make him a Cat!

Gaaaah look at these cats!!! Look at these perfect, perfect British cats. They are the star attraction of this utterly charming Tumblr. What makes this the most adorable thing we’ve seen so far this year is that Derlaine’s art is inspired by a real-life, presumably warm, and snuggly, and cuddly, Scottish Fold kitty named Waffles.

Allow us to show you Waffles.

We highly encourage everyone to take a look at Derlaine’s Tumblr, where you will also find Waffles in the guise of your favorite Animew characters and Disney Purrincesses. But be warned, gentle reader, that there is also some (awesome) slash art of the Hiddleston/Cumberbatch variety, so maybe wait until there are no pesky bosses lurking around…


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