Kevin Tran, Prophet of the Lord, Writes Fanfic for Supernatural Fans

If you’ve been watching Supernatural these past three years, you likely know who Kevin Tran is. (If you don’t, he’s a prophet who can read God-spelling.) But did you know that the actor who plays him—Osric Chau—is rapidly becoming a full-blown member of fandom for the very show he is featured on?

Because he just wrote actual crack fanfiction for Kevin’s birthday. We’re so enamored, we may need smelling salts.

Okay, so Osric Chau has been been getting into the fandom spirit a lot lately—he dressed up as Castiel in one memorable photo op and also showed up to a Supernatural convention dressed as Tangled’s Rapunzel. Which is what all of us here at on the rocket ship do now, and would surely still do if we ever became famous, so props to Osric.

But here is a brand new gem—Kevin’s birthday story, which Osric posted to Facebook today:

Oscric Chau's Kevin Tran fanfic, Supernatural

This is beautiful, you guys. I mean, he basically nails all the most significant tenants of crack fic in one fell swoop… and he makes it look so easy. It’s all semi-normal seeming, and Crowley’s acting up, and then suddenly—

ninja turtle.

Thank you and goodnight! Maybe we could ask Osric to write us some Stubby the Rocket fanfic?


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