Highlights from Joel Hodgson’s Reddit AMA!

Torgo10 (apparently Torgos 1-9 were taken?) opened Joel Hodgson’s reddit AMA with the best question ever, and Joel responded with the best of all possible answers:

“Would you be open to guesting on a Rifftrax? Finally having Joel and Mike together riffing a movie would be the ultimate love letter to fans.”

Joel_Hodgson: “I would say yes. I think it will happen when the time’s right.”

We must concur with redditor stegasp, who immediately responded: “This is the greatest and best thing I’ve heard on the internet ever.” Seriously, Joel’s whole AMA was great, but to start off with news like that is perfect. Will there be peace between one of the oldest fandom rivalries? And just in time for the Return of the Turkey Day Marathon? It’s a Thanksgiving miracle!

The rest of Joel’s AMA was also pretty swell. He declared Tom Servo “the universal passion being,” praised all the puppeteers for breathing life into Tom and Crow, and even announced which films will be included in the next Shout! Factory set: Untamed Youth, Hercules and the Captive Women, The Thing That Couldn’t Die, and (drumroll for one of our favorites) The Pumaman.

Joel being Joel, any time anyone tried to dig up a little drama, he spun off into sweet anecdotes instead. When someone asked if Joe Don Baker actually hates them all, he replied that Beverly Garland, Robby Benson, and Miles O’Keefe all loved their takes on Swamp Diamonds, City Limits, and Cave Dwellers, respectively. He also cited Pod People as his favorite episode, and the performance of “Are You Happy in Your Work?” in I Accuse My Parents as his favorite host segment.

Finally, when asked to give advice to someone who’s just starting out as a movie riffer, he came back with something that can apply to all of us, as we gather together to get through this thing called life: “Don’t be an asshole.”


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