Harry Potter Goes to New York’s Penn Station, Asks Where to Find Platform 9 and 3/4

Improv Everywhere has an awesome YouTube series called Movies in Real Life, where they get people to act out bits of movies… in real life.

So they got this adorable kid to dress up as Harry Potter and ask everyone in Penn Station where Platform 9 and ¾ was.

It’s great seeing how many people are just utterly perplexed by the kid—sometimes it’s easy to forget that the whole world has not read Harry Potter, or even seen the movies. It takes a long while for anyone to ask him where his parents are (which leads to a somber recitation of their very dead status), and he does actually run at the barrior between platforms 9 and 10. He also asks if soft giant pretzels might make a tasty lunch for Hedwig.

But that’s not all! They’ve done similar episodes for Jurassic Park, The Matrix, Lord of the Rings, Indiana Jones and Back to the Future! You should check out all of them. They are pretty sweet. And they are planning on doing two more of them, so you can suggest what films you would like to see next!


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