Perfect Infant Stops Crying When the Star Wars Theme Plays

For your dose of “awwww” before the weekend rolls around, we offer up this excellent video of an adorable baby who has the one thing every parent dreams of—a No Cry Switch. And this particular switch is the majestic chords of John Williams’ “Star Wars Theme.”

We’re melting.

What does this mean for the child’s future? Well, we know for sure that a true appreciating for epic soundtracks is brewing, and beyond that, probably an invitation to train at the Jedi Academy. (Luke’s one, not the one on Coruscant.) We will not make a joke about the Force being with anyone here because that would just cheapen the beauty of the moment. And also, it’s really only appropriate if the theme in question is, in fact, “May the Force Be With You,” which is definitely our choice for calm-it-down tracks.


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