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Seven Days of The Emperor’s Blades

I love my job. Not many people can say that and mean it, but I can. I’m one of the lucky ones. Who am I? I’m the proverbial kid in the candy store, the vampire in the blood bank. I’m an editor at Tor Books. And one of the coolest things I do is discover books like The Emperor’s Blades.

This first novel from debut author Brian Staveley kicks off a new epic fantasy series, Chronicle of the Unhewn Throne. It’s about a murdered emperor’s three grown children, scattered across the world, and their individual struggles against the intricate web of conspiracy, intrigue, and ancient magic that threatens not just their family, but their very civilization.

But the real magic is in the telling. I’m not exaggerating when I say Brian’s novel is one of the most gripping and engaging I’ve ever edited. I’ve been so excited to put this project in front of readers, in fact, that despite being so close to its simultaneous US and UK publication on January 14, 2014, my patience is spent. I can no longer wait to share it. Lucky for me, had the cure for what ailed me.

Starting today, two months ahead of its release, you can get a daily serving of The Emperor’s Blades for one week—Seven Chapters in Seven Days, posted here on with my compliments. “Just a taste,” as my father the chef used to say, knowing full well that the appetizers he served would make me more eager than ever to start the main course.

So I invite you to kick back and dig in. Sample the many flavors of Brian’s storytelling over the next week, and decide for yourself if it makes you hungry for more.

Happy reading!


A new chapter of The Emperor’s Blades will appear by 9 AM EST every day from Tuesday, November 12 to Monday, November 18. Keep track of them all here. And dig in to Chapter One!


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