“Spell Block Tango” Lets Disney Villains Get Their Chicago Dance On

In the world of Disney villains, we have to agree that a good number get a bum rap. It’s not their fault that they are looked down upon, unloved by the people who should respect and adore them. Can you really blame them for acting out?

Well, a few Broadway lovelies led by Todrick Hall had the same idea, and decided to bring you the “Spell Block Tango.” Prepare to watch Cruella, the White Queen, Ursula, the Queen of Hearts, Scar, and Maleficent tell you why those so-called heroes had it coming.

This is a pretty awesome parody of the Chicago hit, and it comes with the added bonus of Adam Lambert giving a cameo as Captain Hook. (How did he not end up in that prison? It’s not as though Pan doesn’t have it coming, too.)


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