We’re Finally Getting Firefly “Season 2.” What Do We Want to See?

During this year’s New York Comic Con Dark Horse Comics revealed that the adventures of Mal and Jayne and Zoe and River and Simon and Kaylee and Inara will finally continue past the movie Serenity…in comic form! The first issue of Serenity: Firefly Class 03-K64—Leaves on the Wind hits shelves on January 29th, 2014.

Now that we’re getting new adventures, what do we want to see happen? The Tor dot crew has some ideas….

Inara and Saffron Take on the Alliance (Alternately: Inara and Saffron Kick Ass and Make Out)

I don’t know how many other people are rooting for the return of YoSaffBridge, but I’d like to see Christina Hendricks return to her pre-Mad Men roots and find out what became of everyone’s favorite polygamous con artist when she finally escaped from that trash bin in the desert. Pairing Saffron with Inara would allow us to get more of both women’s backstories—there were intriguing hints that Saffron had trained with the Companions’ Guild, at least for a time, and that Inara suffers from a terminal, hidden illness (a rumor confirmed by Morena Baccarin at DragonCon 2008).

Inara’s loyalties to both the Guild and the Alliance have evolved during her time on Serenity, and we’ve seen cracks in her cool, collected façade that will undoubtedly deepen as her time grows shorter. I’d like to see her and Saffron thrown into a conflict where they have to work together against the Alliance, Saffron for money or her own self-preservation, and Inara for nobler reasons—possibly to protect the Firefly crew she left behind, though without their knowledge (offering all sorts of heart-wrenching possibilities). Honestly, though, I’d accept a story arc where they both just sit around and play a really manipulative game of checkers, as long as we get more Saffron-Inara interactions. – Katharine Duckett

Zoe Hates River

River’s weird mix of telepathic, empathic, and reflexive capabilities instantly make her an even better pilot than Wash, and thanks to her famous lack of social filter, she’s not shy about sharing that information with the crew. This rubs Zoe the wrong way, naturally, and worse still, it keeps coming up as Serenity gets into scrape after scrape.Zoe realizes she actually really hates River and that she blames River for nullifying Wash’s history on Serenity, even though that’s not entirely logical. Zoe is seemingly professional about it, but her stance comes out in small ways regardless: pointedly not trusting River with even the smallest tasks and generally confusing the crew. In the end, it’s up to River to realize what’s happening, to grow emotionally, and to make amends. – Chris Lough

Jayne Would Be the Best Babysitter

Jayne should be the person who is most excited about Zoe’s baby. You know he would be. That is, he would be completely freaked out by the kid until he was forced to hold it for more than five minutes, and then he wouldn’t want to give it back. Jayne with a baby. With a baby and Vera. Uncle Jayne. Yes. – Emmet Asher-Perrin

Kaylee Gets Offered a “Real Job”

Someone in a position of authority recognizes Kaylee’s obvious skill with machinery and offers her a once-in-a-lifetime position or project that she could never obtain if she remained on Serenity. It’s not a choice as to whether this new person or project is bad, rather, Kaylee has to come to grips about her capabilities and how she wants her future to unfold. For someone as gifted as her, is Serenity just a phase in her life? – Chris Lough

Jayne in Charge Actually Becomes a Viable Scenario

Jayne needs to be given more responsibility on the ship. This will have the dual result of allowing Jayne to grow as a character, and giving him more opportunity to screw up in a big way if/when he falls back on old behaviors. He should come to blows with Zoe (which would make sense as Zoe is grieving and in no mood for his bullshit), but should make some good command decisions, even when it disagrees with Mal and Zoe’s party line. – Emmet Asher-Perrin

Saffron Obtains a Position of Power Within the Alliance

One of my favorite jokes from Buffy the Vampire Slayer is during season 4, when Spike gets kidnapped by The Initiative. As he wakes up and looks around at his sterile white cell, his first assumption is to assume that Buffy is responsible. “I always worried what would happen when that bitch got some funding.”

Now imagine Mal saying that about Saffron. And it being true.Chris Lough

Wash is Ghost Dad

Zoe seems fine on the surface, but she dreams about Wash almost nightly and weird things are happening around the ship seemingly without explanation. Finally, after everyone clears out of the kitchen after dinner, a ghostly version of Wash (in one of his Hawaiian shirts, of course) falls through the ceiling and lands on the floor. The fall itself is silent, but he reacts like he’s landed hard, the camera zooms in, he delivers a hilariously deadpan Alan Tudyk line, and we cut to black.

He hangs around the ship, makes jokes, moves things around (especially his dinosaurs) messes with Jayne’s head a little, and tries to spend as much time with Zoe as he can. He spends some time trying to get River’s attention, thinking that Serenity’s resident psychic is the most likely candidate for otherworldly contact, but in great TV-land tradition, the only person who sees him is his own baby.

He becomes her ghost babysitter, trying to alert the crew when she gets into trouble, amusing her with shadow puppets, making faces so she’ll laugh. Zoe, unfortunately, still has no idea he’s still around, although she grows more and more irritable. Finally, her anger at Mal, her memories of Wash, and the guilt she feels over putting Mal’s needs above Wash’s finally win out over her loyalty to her Captain. After all their arguments, she chooses her family with Wash over Mal and leaves the ship, with no idea that she’s also leaving Wash.

He assumes that he’s tied to her, and expects that he’ll either disappear or follow her as she leaves, but neither of those things happen. He waits as she walks down the ramp, and as the ship embarks he starts running through walls to try to get to her, but as they break atmosphere we have a callback to his initial scene. He falls through the ceiling and and hits the floor of the cargo hold, realizing finally that it’s the ship he’s tied to, not the woman he loves. – Leah Schnelbach

Firefly: Leaves on the Wind Firefly season 2 post-Serenity

We had even more ideas, but we should probably clear the podium and give ya’ll a chance to chime in with what you’d want to see. Now that there are post-Serenity comics coming, maybe we’ll see these things play out after all!

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