Original Star Wars Teaser Thought Luke/Leia Was Gonna Be A Thing

Explaining Star Wars before there was a Star Wars must have been like trying to invent a new language. It’s not that no one had ever seen a spaceship or a funny alien on screen before, but how can you convey the scope of the first film to an audience that still expected to see the strings attached to the saucers?

Well… the first trailers were understandably kinda weird.

This 2-minute teaser for Star Wars insists that it is a story about “a boy, a girl, a universe.” But clearly they mean Luke and Leia (because Han barely appears). So that’s awkward. Not exactly surprising, since we know Lucas only decided that Luke and Leia were related in Return of the Jedi. But definitely awkward.

Also, the trailer does make the movie look cool, but a bit slow. The editing plods along in a manner that the film itself never does. And seeing the logo in the wrong font just sort of hurts. Check it out:


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