“Why is that guy in first class dressed as Jango Fett?” How Tom Hiddleston Surprised Everyone as Loki at Comic Con

By now you’ve probably heard about Tom Hiddleston’s epic appearance as Loki in Comic Con’s Hall H as introduced the Thor: The Dark World trailer. If not, there’s a video below, and more importantly, some details of how he made it to San Diego without being noticed beforehand, leading to the biggest surprise of the convention!

According to an interview Hiddleston did with Hero Complex, it turns out that the only person who knew about his appearance was Kevin Feige, who came up with the idea in the first place:

He sort of said, “How about you just come in character and you don’t break character at all and you introduce the footage? Give a whole kind of encore to the two films?”

Hiddleston wasn’t keen on doing it unless he remained Loki for the whole appearance; he also didn’t want the Avengers villain to say anything out of character, like “Here’s the trailer!” So he wrote up a script of sorts, went over the particulars with Feige, and they put it all together.

But that’s not even the best part: Hiddleston knew that if someone saw him on the plane coming over to San Diego, it might leak over social media and everyone would guess that he was appearing for the Marvel panel. So in effort to keep the secret safe, he bought a Jango Fett costume and wore it for the whole plane ride from London to California. When asked why he chose Jango in particular, it turned out that there was far more practicality at play than anything else:

I’m 6 foot 2. It was the only one that fit in the costume shop. They were sold out of Stormtroopers.

It’s true that you can usually spot the Comic Con-bound on the plane, but can you imagine what everyone on that plane was thinking about the near-giant in a store-bought Jango Fett costume? A hearty thanks to the flight crew for keeping it all under wraps, despite how strange it must have seemed to them.

Emmet Asher-Perrin is going to wear her Boba Fett helmet on planes from now on.


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