Supernatural‘s Sam and Dean Are Modeling SDCC Fashion for You

From the Supernatural Facebook page: “Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles get in touch with their inner superheroes in preparation for Comic-Con 2013!”And indeed they do….

You can’t see their faces, but there’s no mistaking Padalecki’s well-conditioned hair. Or plaid.

They probably chopped all that wood there too.

Want to know where those awesome capes came from? Lemme explain.

SDCC Comic Con 2013 Supernatural capes

In one of the cooler moves in recent years, San Diego has jumped up the standard for their main convention bags—the giant ones they hand out every year when you get your badge? It would seem that this year, the straps were done backpack style (which is the way it should have always been—finally), and even more excitingly…

…they each come with their own cape.

Now you are instantly super-fied when you arrive at SDCC! And we appreciate this scene of con-ly camaraderie from the Supernatural team—it’s always way more fun when the professionals play too.


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