See the Eleventh Doctor’s Regeneration Right Now Through Gorgeous Fanart

We’re all dreading the upcoming Eleventh Doctor regeneration and all the weeping and rolling on the ground and self-imposed isolation it will bring, but we’re fans. Which also means we’re masochists. And so when we came across this absolutely gorgeous piece of fan art featuring the Eleventh Doctor’s untimely end, we had to share it with everyone. It’s made by Adele Lorienne, who apologized profusely for creating it on DeviantArt (which was very kind of her, but also she doesn’t have to because, look at it), and also offered an alternative view of his face so you can see his expression better. You know, in case your heart didn’t break enough the first time.

We’ll be over here. In the corner. Rocking back and forth and muttering to ourselves in Gallifreyan.


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