New Trailer for Elysium is a Punch in the Gut

A new trailer for Neill Blomkamp’s Elysium has been released and it promises a sci-fi film that we will almost certainly be talking about long after we’ve seen it. The story itself is simple: it is the mid 22nd century and the haves live in a heaven of their own creation called Elysium while the have-nots live on a hot, hardscrabble Earth. Where the movie excels—and which the trailer goes out of its way to show you—is in displaying the system of cruel indifference that has been set in place to care for, and discipline, the population. If you want to better your life you have two options: drugs, or try to sneak on to Elysium. The latter means certain death, as the citizens of Elysium are merciless in maintaining their separation from Earth.

And that’s just where the trailer begins! There’s Jodie Foster and Matt Damon being awesome, cybernetic implants, snippy robots, and not one idiot screaming something like “Tonight we take Elysium!”

Elysium debuts in theaters on August 9th.


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