Robots! Monsters! New Pacific Rim Trailer Has Us Oversugared!

So the story is that there’s an interdimensional portal under the sea and something—maybe us?—accidentally opened it and WE’RE SORRY. WE DIDN’T KNOW. And now monsters. To which the only logical solution is to build robots to punch them. We like this plan! We’re excited to be a part of it!

Watch the new trailer for Guillermo Del Toro’s thought-vacation Pacific Rim. Because it is awesome. See that guy in the picture up there? We have no idea who he is. And we don’t care. Do you care? The monster is staring at him. That is what we care about.

So there you have it. We dare you not to run out of the house/apartment/office/stasis pod right now and start pretending you’re a giant robot and that you’re punching monsters. WE WILL DELAY THE APOCALYPSE! (That’s what that one guy says, right?)

Also, it is just is but does this look like a combined sequel to Cloverfield and Cabin in the Woods?


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