Dinosaur Week

Welcome to Dinosaur Week on Tor.com!

Way back in 1841, Richard Owen first classified a group of related fossils as “Dinosauria,” which translates to “terrible lizard” in ancient Greek. But dinosaurs aren’t terrible, they’re wonderful! And since 1841, these planet-ruling, long-extinct creatures have been exciting our imaginations, changing what we know about Earth’s history, and giving pop culture its most popular and beloved monsters. And so, in celebration of the 252 millionth anniversary of the first dinosaur taking its first step (give our take a few million years), Tor.com brings you Dinosaur Week!

All week long, we’re celebrating our pure love of dinosaurs with articles about dinos in film, books, television, and real life. Find out if you think you know as much about these prehistoric heroes as you thought, read about prehistoric science fiction, and join the Mesozoic Madness conversation on Twitter and Facebook about your favorites. The gates to Dinosaur Week are open and you must go faster!

Image by Spencer Wright used under Creative Commons


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