Celebrate William Shatner’s Birthday With the Essential Shatner Singing Videos!

Today, William Shatner is 82 years old and is likely planning on living forever. We’re big classic Star Trek fans here at Tor.com, and could (and have!) wax endlessly about how great Shatner is, debating forever which aspects of his career are the best. But we can all agree that his spoken-word singing thing is wonderful. And so, in celebration of the Shat, here are the best William Shatner singing/talking videos of all time, according to us.

“It Was  a Very Good Year”

Though there are a bunch of absurd William Shatner performances, we really like this early 1970’s version because it’s way before he became self-aware about his own ridiculous. He still looks like the Captain Kirk of the TV show here, and we couldn’t love this more.

“Your Way”

Oddly relevant considering all the Star Wars news we’re swimming in, here is Shatner sings during a celebration (roast?) of George Lucas.

“No Tears For Caesar”

An original spoken rap composition, as featured in the film Free Enterprise. The song starts 20 seconds in, and if you haven’t seen Free Enterprise, stop what you’re doing and go get a copy.


Starts out slow but stick with it, if only to hear him scream, “There’s a wild man wizard, he’s hiding in me! Illuminating my mind!”

“Common People”

This wonderfully iconic song from Pulp is paired here with clips from the animated series and a healthy dose of Spock/Kirk action.

“Rocket Man”

If you haven’t seen this, prepare yourself for an important moment in time. Performed at the 1978 Science Fiction Film Awards, its relevant to remember this is the year before Star Trek made its comeback.

“Shatner Of the Mount”

This is technically not a William Shatner song, but this remix of him talking about Star Trek V is the best things you’ll ever see. Challenge the rock!

We had to limit our selections as Shatner’s ouevre in regards to song and spoken word is practically bottomless, but we also consider the above list to be the ones you would take with you into the alternate dimension where Captain Kirk somehow has blue eyes. Thanks again William Shatner. We wouldn’t be the same without you.

Stubby the Rocket is mascot of Tor.com and wants you to know this happens every year.


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