Major Star Trek Into Darkness Spoilers Leaked Online

Trek Movie and Geek Tyrant are both reporting that Brazilian website Judaois has details on 38 minutes of scattered scenes from Star Trek Into Darkness, which was apparently screened in Brazil by producer Bryan Burk.

Below are all the spoilers from the screening. This seems pretty legitimate based on info we already know, so don’t read on if you don’t want to know!

Again. Possible Massive Spoilers Below. Highlight to read

These first set of highlights come from the start of the film:


  • The opening sequence (previewed at IMAX theaters in December) has been reordered so that the Nibiru volcano sequence now opens the film and is followed by the title card and then the scenes in London and at the hospital with Benedict Cumberbatch.

  • The Nibiru mission ends with Kirk rescuing Spock by violating the Prime Directive by revealing the Enterprise to Nibiru natives so he can beam Spock out of the volcano.

  • Kirk has a scene in bed (back in San Francisco) in bed with two “cat women.” 

  • Kirk makes mention of hoping to get assigned to a “five year mission.” (Then what kind of mission have they been on before the movie starts?)

  • Kirk is demoted for violating the Prime Directive on Nibiru and loses command of the Enterprise. Pike takes over command, with Kirk as first officer.

  • Pike wanted to send Kirk back to Academy but was convinced (possibly ordered?) to make Kirk first officer of the Enterprise by Admiral Marcus (played by Peter Weller, meaning RoboCop is Carol Marcus’ dad).

  • Spock is assigned to another ship and it probably isn’t nearly as fun as the Enterprise is, you know.

  • The “father” character (played by Noel Clarke) uses his Starfleet ring as a bomb (dropping it into water for a reaction) and destroys a facility (in London). So obviously we’re dealing with Rickey Smith and not Mickey Smith.

  • The London attack leads to a big meeting of Starfleet captains which itself is attacked by John Harrison, resulting in Pike being injured…Harrison transports away.

Meanwhile, these sections apparently come from later in the movie:


  • The Enterprise is severely damaged falling to Earth with Spock in command ordering evacuation.

  • Kirk and Scott are seen in Engineering trying to stabilize the ship.

  • Later, Spock beams down to San Francisco and starts a long chase with Harrison.

  • Eventually Spock meets up with Harrison and engages in a fight.

How do we feel about all of this? Are we really getting two Star Trek movies in a row where Kirk being in command of the Enterprise is in question? Will there ever be some job security for Pine-Kirk?

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