Video of the Very Revealing A Memory of Light Seattle Q&A

Video from the Seattle University Bookstore signing event for A Memory of Light is now online courtesy of Suvudu and Shawn Speakman and the Q&A portion is jam-packed with information about A Memory of Light, the three Mistborn trilogies, Brandon’s larger cosmere works, and a time frame for when we might expect to see the Wheel of Time Encyclopedia. Watch below.

Spoilers for A Memory of Light, naturally.

Shawn Speakman has more to say about the video over on Suvudu. And definitely keep an eye out for Unfettered, an anthology coming in April that was put together to help Speakman pay his medical bills. It contains possibly the last piece of Wheel of Time fiction we’ll ever see: a collection of short snippets entitled “River of Souls” which portrays the details of how Demandred came to be called Bao the Wyld.

You can check out more tour recaps on the A Memory of Light tour report open thread.


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