The 2013 Oscar Nominations Need to Relax and Eat Some Shawarma

The nominations for the 2013 Academy Awards have just been announced, and in spite of all the major SFF films of the past year, genre fans might be a little disappointed with the list. While it’s not totally surprising that very few of the major science fiction and fantasy releases of 2012 got the nod, this was very much the year of The Avengers, The Hunger Games, The Dark Knight Rises, Prometheus (for better or worse), The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, and so many smaller films, and looking at the full list of nominations, there’s almost no sense of what a huge, milestone year this was for SFF and comics in Hollywood. Beyond the Visual Effects category, barely any of these films rated a mention, in the eyes of the Academy.

In terms of the films that were recognized, Beasts of the Southern Wild, Life of Pi, Moonrise Kingdom, and Argo (some of which are maybe only SFF-adjacent, technically speaking) all received nods. The real genre action was in the Animated Feature Film category, which includes Wreck-It Ralph, Frankenweenie, Brave, ParaNorman…but no Rise of the Guardians? Check out the full list here, and let us know what you think—any other truly egregious oversights, this year?

Image via Serious Film


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