Did Christopher Eccleston Just Reveal He’s Returning to Doctor Who?

On November 27th, Red Carpet News TV grabbed a quick red carpet video interview with Christopher Eccleston during the premiere screening for The Oranges on and… may have gotten Eccleston to inadvertently reveal that he’s returning for a Doctor Who 50th anniversary.

On whether he’d like to be involved in a 50th anniversary, Eccleston smiled and replied, “If I told you that I’d have to shoot you.”

He also says he has no idea what the show is up to and that it was so long ago that he doesn’t think about it. He’s complimentary towards Matt Smith’s stage work, as he hasn’t seen Matt as the Doctor on television.

While not an outright yes, Eccleston has never been shy about saying no outright to the possibility of a return, and a coy answer like the one he gives is certainly suggestive. (We confess to letting our hearts run away with us a little on this, too.)

Check out our recent tally, updated as of mid-November, of which Doctors would return for a reunion.

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