Choose Your Ajah at Ta’veren Tees and Help Build a Philanthropic Organization!

Ever feel the need to channel your love of the The Wheel of Time series towards a philanthropic effort while receiving an awesome t-shirt?

Here’s a chance to fulfill all those goals at once: the Waygate Foundation, a philanthropic organization rooted in the social ideals of The Wheel of Time, has announced a limited time partnership with Ta’veren Tees! Until September 28th, 10% of pre-order sales for Ta’veren Tees new “Servant of All” line of shirts and 10% of sales for Asha’man long-sleeve shirts will be donated to the Waygate Foundation.

The Waygate Foundation is the successor to the charitable and philanthropic efforts of, which has been managing charity drives and creating scholarships for college students who want to emulate the principles of the “Servants of All” since 2006. Founded in 2011, its mission is to engage science fiction and fantasy communities in global philanthropic efforts.

But what about the t-shirts, you clamor?

They look amazing, and they’re available in each of the Ajah’s colors (yes, including black, although Ta’veren Tees neither confirms nor denies the existence of any such organization as the Black Ajah). Pre-order them now, and on September 28th you can represent your chosen Ajah in style.

You can keep up-to-date on the Waygate Foundation’s charitable activities at their Facebook.


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