Patrick Rothfuss Will Write More Fantasy After the Kingkiller Chronicles

The September 2012 issue of Locus Magazine lists a recent book sale by Patrick Rothfuss to his longtime editor (and 2012 Hugo winner) Betsy Wollheim at science fiction/fantasy publisher DAW Books. The sale is listed as “the first book in a new fantasy series” by the Kingkiller Chronicles author.

Rothfuss fans are currently eagerly awaiting the concluding volume to the Kingkiller Chronicles (currently being examined in incredible detail in Jo Walton’s Patrick Rothfuss reread), but this news is a welcome guarantee that fans have yet more to look forward to even after Kvothe/Kote’s story is concluded.

Although the sale is listed as a new fantasy series, could it be set in the same world as the Kingkiller Chronicles? If it is, what events or characters would you like to see take the spotlight?



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