How Do You Feel About This Trailer for Star Wars: Detours?

This trailer for Star Wars: Detours, a new computer-animated cartoon show from the creators of Robot Chicken, is bound to cause a little controversy, and we're really not sure how to feel about it. On the one hand, Seth Green's new show is directed at kids, and certainly looks and sounds kid-friendly. On the other hand, an adult audience expecting the same sharp humor that they've received from Robot Chicken's numerous Adult Swim Star Wars specials will be utterly disappointed.

And on yet the other hand (it's the Star Wars universe, we can have three hands) this smacks of the same cynical, soulless marketing that produced this goofy Phantom Menace 3-D commercial asking a dead Qui-Gon Jinn to “hurry up or you'll be late for the celebration!” Even Gawker media's outlets io9 and Gizmodo had totally opposite reactions. What do you think?


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