What If Bane Took Over Hogwarts Instead of Gotham?

We want you to think about this very carefully: What if Bane were a wizard? Don’t you think he’d be a little scarier than Voldemort? Don’t you think that Hogwarts under his rule would be slightly more terrifying than Snape’s time in the Headmaster’s chair? He’d insist that everyone was the same now, and mix all the houses up. No, you know what, he’d close the houses permanently and students would have to sleep in window alcoves and on the Quidditch pitch. Or, you know, he’d blow up the pitch during the school’s Quidditch Cup tournament. Yeah, this is way scarier.

The above image came out of an innocent question raised in the Tor.com office today. We liked the idea of Bane breaking Hogwarts’ spirit so much, though, that we began to imagine him in other places…

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Bane convinces the Fellowship to give up hope.


Bane attemps to break Watson’s spirit.


Bane makes his case before the Doctor, Amy, Rory, and the entire Dalek Parliament.


This one…this one we’re still unpacking.

Stubby the Rocket is the Tor.com mascot. Stubby is the reason that Dolores Umbridge is so obsessed with cats.


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