Neil Gaiman to Write a Sandman Prequel in 2013

Neil Gaiman will write a new Sandman mini-series set to debut in November 2013, drawn by current Batwoman artist J. H. Williams, and we cannot be more excited!

The announcement was made by video (which you can watch above) during Thursday night’s Vertigo panel at the 2012 San Diego Comic Con. The mini-series will tell what Gaiman considers the last significant untold story in the Sandman saga: How Morpheus came to be trapped at the beginning of the series.

The Sandman prequel by Neil GaimanGaiman elaborates in the video on how the seeds for this story can be found in bits throughout Sandman‘s run. The most telling clue is revealed on a single panel in the “Brief Lives” arc, where the following is written on a page in Destiny’s book:

The Dream King is returning in triumph, of a kind. From a far galaxy, tired beyond reckoning and tried beyond all endurance. His triumph is short-lived. From the darkness voices call to him, and he awaits in a glass prison in a deep cellar.

The story will explain what Morpheus was doing before Sandman #1 and will hit shelves exactly 25 years after that first issue was released. “It was one of the few stories, after finishing Sandman, that I felt I had failed to tell,” Gaiman says in the video.

For the moment, we have but one question: Far galaxy?!?

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