Twenty Years Later, One of the Greatest ST:TNG Episodes Gets a Sequel

Nearly twenty years after it first aired, “The Inner Light,” considered one of the best episode in the history of Star Trek, is getting a sequel.

Morgan Gendel, the writer behind “The Inner Light” is releasing a digital 48-page graphic novel sequel to the story titled The Outer Light, installments of which began appearing on today. The story was originally pitched to the Star Trek: The Next Generation producers for one of the latter seasons but was rejected outright because of a blanket rule by producers that individual episodes shouldn’t have sequels.

So how do you follow up on one of Trek’s most beloved episodes? In Gendel’s own words:

Now, finally, I can reveal how Picard found closure. It’s about a year after “The Inner Light” and he learns some deeper truths – about himself and his Kataan experience. They may not have shown this on TNG but I’m pretty sure it happened.

The Outer Light is written by Andre Duza and Morgan Gendel, and illustrated by Don Ellis Aguillo. You can read the first installment of it on Also, you can head over to Journey to the Inner

Stubby the Rocket is the mascot of and also doesn’t do sequels to itself. But that’s for other, more evil-twin-ish reasons.


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