First Doctor Who Season 7 Trailer Revealed & One Huge “Spoiler” We Hope Comes True

The first teaser trailer for Doctor Who series 7 was revealed at this weekend’s first annual Doctor Who Convention in Wales. We’ve got a breakdown of the trailer below the cut, as well as some other spoilers dropped during the convention, along with one massive piece of speculation. Want to stay spoiler-free? Turn back right now.

First an analysis of what’s in the trailer:

Set photos of an “old west adventure” have been circulating for a bit and this episode is heavily featured in the trailer. (It’s also most likely the episode furthest along in production, as the new series has only been filming for a month.)

The first bit in the trailer is a long extended sequence of the Doctor facing off against a cyborg gunslinger. He screams “Face me!” and the Doctor, in a completely different setting and surrounded by the cast, turns yells “Run!”

We then get smash cuts of the cast, which now includes Mark Williams, the actor who portrayed Mr. Weasley in the Harry Potter films. (It’s rumored that he’ll be playing another dad here, that of Rory himself.) The cast runs through the old west, some corridors, and the beach cliffs of Alfava Metraxis, which we last saw in season 5 in “Time of Angels / Flesh & Stone.”

We get more shots of the old west episode, including a curly-haired barmaid and/or more “mature” sort of saloon girl. (It’s not River Song.)

Suddenly the Doctor is outside and pointing a revolver in someone’s face, to which Amy waves her own gun around and asks if the Doctor “has been taking stupid lessons since I last saw you?” At which point her gun accidentally goes off.

Ben Browder (of Farscape fame! Woohoo!) responds, “Everyone who’s not American: Drop. Your. Gun.”

Amy: “I didn’t mean to do that!”

The Doctor, Amy, and Rory stroll through the old west town, as the Doctor comments on their surroundings: “Anachronistic electricity, ‘Keep Out’ signs, aggressive stares… Has someone been peeking at my Christmas [wish] list?”

We’re treating to more smash cuts as the Doctor rides a horse through the old west. We see someone some cool Egyptian stuff, Mark Williams in trouble, Rupert Graves (Greg Lestrade from Sherlock) standing behind the Doctor, David Bradley (Filch from the Potter movies) attacking someone who looks like Nefertiti with a giant metal arm attachment, and a snow planet that’s hiding… Daleks.

Further spoilers and speculation:

Doctor Who producer Caroline Skinner also announced at the convention that episode 5, which will be the last episode before the mid-season break, as well as Amy and Rory’s final episode, will be filmed in New York City!

The final episode involves the Weeping Angels, as well, which has prompted a bit of fan speculation so mind-blowing that we had to include it here. That speculation is, basically, that New York City presents a perfect trap for a very specific kind of Weeping Angel. One that always has at least one set of eyes on it.

Don’t Blink, tourists.


Others will also note that young Melody Pond ended up in New York City in the latter half of the 20th century before her (assumed) regeneration into Mel. Since the Angels send people back in time and feed on the timelines they never lived, might Amy and Rory find themselves actually raising their daughter?

Stubby the Rocket is the mascot of and bets episode 5 is just the Doctor, Amy, and Rory watching Ghostbusters 2.


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