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Tons of Hunger Games Movie Stills Put Online

LiveJournal user Oh No They Didn’t just made everyone’s Leap Day by scanning in over 60 stills from the upcoming Hunger Games movie, with tons of shots of the tributes, the game itself, and the assorted characters, including the Girl on Fire herself, Katniss.

The stills come from Scholastic Books’ Illustrated Movie Companion, which is out on the shelves now.

Below, some of our favorite shots.

The assembled tributes in combat/exercise jumpsuits.

This shot makes it really hard to imagine that all of these children will soon be trying their damndest to kill each other. They just look grumpy about prom.

The tributes in their chariots on parade.

More Capitol fashions.

Katniss trains with her weapon of choice.

Effie Trinket at her clowniest.

Katniss and Primrose huggggg

Rue hides.

More seriously odd Capitol fashions.

Cinna suits Katniss up for the Games.

Effie Trinket and a stunned Katniss in District 12.

Katniss in the District 12 market.

This, combined with the subway ads that have just started appearing, are making us ridiculously excited for this movie. You can see more pics at Oh No They Didn’t.

Stubby the Rocket is the mascot of and would ferry all of the tributes to safety if it could only figure out where the arena is and in what district and how the districts are shaped and mapped and is the U.S. flooded? Have we taken that into account? And…


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