Introducing the Rewatch in One

I wonder if a few years ago, when first launched, the folks who put the site together knew that rereads and rewatches would be such a big part of the experience. These rereads/views vary in length and depth of analysis, but what they have in common is that it’s fun to be reminded of why our favorite science fiction and fantasy stories hold esteemed places in our hearts.

The big stories, such as Star Trek, The Lord of the Rings, or the ever-popular Wheel of Time merit equally big and detailed discussions. But there are plenty of shorter works also deserving attention. Take Firefly, for example. In its original airing, it didn’t even make it an entire season, but it has established a serious and lasting fandom.

And that’s why I thought of the Rewatch in One: a series that looks at short-lived television shows (two seasons or less) or miniseries. One post/essay per show. Many of the shows I’ll be writing about could get the detailed attention of one post per episode, but I’m opting for a quicker and more varied approach. It won’t be an episode by episode recap; you can go to Wikipedia or IMDB for that. Instead I’ll provide a short refresher course for those who need it, and look at what made the series succeed or fail overall. I’ll also include a look at my favorite and least favorite episodes of each show.

First up will be The Prisoner, followed by The Adventure of Brisco County Jr, Kolchak: The Night Stalker, Space: 1999 and other titles, with or without colons. Incidentally, I won’t be covering Firefly (though I love it) as it’s already been covered thoroughly at

Audience participation is definitely encouraged. I want to know what you loved and hated about the shows. And I am open to recommendations and requests. Anything you want me to cover? Just let me know.

Let’s start with The Prisoner!

Jason Henninger is a native of West Los Angeles. That’s kind of like going to film school, right? 



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