Amy Pond Must Die! (Says Karen Gillan)

In recent conversations with The Mirror and on The Graham Norton Show Karen Gillan has indicated that the next season of Doctor Who could be her last. And if her character does depart, then, according to these interviews, she thinks death is “an option.” In thinking about the patterns of the Russell T. Davies era of Who, it makes a certain amount of sense that both Amy and Rory will be leaving the Tardis sometime soon. New companions are good because they mix things up in exciting ways. But having a companion actually die can be heartbreaking! Even though Rose claimed to be telling the story of how she died, and Donna kind of “died” by losing all her memories, both of these companions are still breathing. If Amy Pond were to really bite the dust, it could be a brand new moment in contemporary Who. (A companion hasn’t actually died since Adric way back in the 5th Doctor episode Earthshock!)

What do you think? When the time comes should Amy asked to be dropped off at her apartment on Earth or should she be vaporized by a horrible Dalek death ray? Discuss!


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