On the Floor of NYCC with Tor.com: Friday

Despite the clouds and the off-and-on raindrops, NYCC was packed today with the costumed fans that are the true attractions of any convention of this kind.  Sure, we were excited to see a lot of celebrities (is that J. Michael Straczynski walking around nonchalantly?) but these cosplaying heroes truly capture  our feelings about what it is to be a fan. Stubby the Rocket was on the floor today and took a few snapshots. Check out some selections below the cut!

Though no one should be shocked by this: there was A LOT of Doctor Who cosplay. Here’s a good-looking Stetson Doctor with a fifth season Amy Pond.

Are you my mummy?

Stubby found these little guys in the food court. Batman vs. the Doctor… who wins THAT fight? Geez.

No, seriously, who wins that fight? And who do they eventually team up to defeat? Space Joker? We think it’s Space Joker.

The video game area was teeming with life, and dancing. Lots of dancing. Mostly to thanks a new interactive dancing game called The Black-Eyed Peas Experience, people were cutting the rug something fierce. Remember that show MTV’s The Grind? Or even further back; Soul Train? Just like that, only with costumes. (So. Kind of exactly like Soul Train.)

You could also play the new XBOX version of Goldeneye, which is ominously called Goldeneye: Reloaded. Here’s hoping Goldeneye: Rise of the Silver Surfer or Goldeneye: Look Who’s Goldeneye Now isn’t far behind. (Reloaded? Really?)

We were really excited about this new Order of the Phoenix featuring Snape, Luna, Tonks, Lupin, Bellatrix, and Slughorn. Then we realized 2/3rds of the group is dead.

Star Trek cosplays weren’t nearly as visible as we’d hoped. (We counted one group of TNG-era uniforms, but that’s it.) After seeing so many awesome Trek costumes when Shatner hit the Intrepid in NYC, we’re really hoping for the Trekkies to represent at NYCC on Saturday.

(Sidenote: You may be bigger, Red Robin, but Li’l Batman Beyond is far cuter.)

The Star Wars trivia contest was totally nuts. Here’s how it worked: everybody stood around in a big cluster and, as a mob, was given an A or B question. If you picked A, you walked to the right, if you picked B, the left. It didn’t take a Jedi Knight to figure out how to win this one.  JUST FOLLOW THE CROWD!  However, Tor.com’s very own Ryan Britt and Emmet Asher-Perrin still managed to BOTH get eliminated on some question about who played Uncle Owen’s body double or something. Way to go guys! You’re fired. (That was not the actual question. We don’t remember what the actual question was.)

This is going to be a good year for Avengers team costumes, we can tell. Although… pity the Hulk and his non-working hands. Cap, you better look after that guy. Feed him three times a day. You’re gonna need that deux ex machina come summertime!

Also, there was a guy who looks exactly like Michael J. Fox hanging out next to a real Delorean, one of the ones actually used on set in one of the Back to the Future movies. It was also apparently used in the movie Arthur, which is shocking, because many of us here assumed no one on Earth actually went to see that movie. Anyway, the Delorean is sweet and there’s a real Batmobile there, too!

And Ryan Reynolds! You remember Ryan Reynolds. He was the Green Hornet. He’s your favorite.

We saw so many Ghostbusters, which we adore, but who were always moving way too quickly to photograph. (Lot of ghosts in the Javitz Center?) Actually, we didn’t photograph the Ghostbusters because we’re not okay with the unlicensed nuclear accelerators they’re all wearing. Where’s the EPA?

Right. We’re winding down here. For Saturday we hope to report on more celebrity sightings, more Star Trek costumes, and bottles of Coca-Cola that don’t cost $4.75! See you tomorrow!

Stubby the Rocket is the mascot of Tor.com, the voice of many of its staff, and has obviously gotten into the sauce this evening.


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