The Walking Dead SDCC Trailer: Has This Pulled Together as a Show?

San Diego Comic Con saw the reveal of an extended trailer for season 2 of The Walking Dead and we’re curious to know what viewers of the show make of it. The zombie drama (what a great phrase to be able to use without irony) was criticized and praised in equal measure for its first season, and the show has not been without its controversy since then, having since gutted its writing staff and lost Frank Darabont as its showrunner.

Does this trailer offer a guarantee of quality, though? The highway zombie attack sequence in the trailer promises some clever and extremely tense moments, but will that uptick in creativity translate to more expressive characterization on the part of the main cast? Check it out above and decide.

Stubby the Rocket is the mascot of and kept yelling at Leon to use the incendiary grenade, then turned off Resident Evil 4 and watched this trailer.


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