The Avengers Movie Trailer Leaked?

This morning, Ain’t It Cool News posted two very intriguing bootleg recordings of what appear to be trailers for next year’s Avengers movie, as well as the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man reboot.

Check out the Avengers recording while it lasts:

In case it’s been taken down, there’s a description of the action below the cut. Spoilers.

The trailer (in all probability the post-credits sequence for Captain America, opening this week) opens with Steve Rogers working on a punching bag in a gym, eventually punching it right off its chain and flying across the room. Nick Fury comes in the room and asks, “Trouble sleeping?” Cap asks if he’s there with a mission to get him “back in the world,” and Fury responds, “To save it.”

A series of quick cuts follows:

  • The bridge of the helicarrier
  • Loki being led in by armed guards
  • A screen flashing “Next Summer”
  • Black Widow and Nick Fury leading Tony Stark through a hallway as Nick asks him, “Think you’re the only hero in the world?”
  • A screen flashing “Some”
  • Even quicker cuts of Agent Coulson, a helicopter, a car driving through the desert.
  • A screen flashing “Assembly”
  • Quick cuts of Nick Fury, Tony Stark, Captain America, Bruce Banner, Thor, Black Widow, and Hawkeye. (Some of them in different costumes.)
  • A screen flashing “Required”
  • Afterwards, you get quick cuts of all the heroes in action. Thor summoning lightning, Iron Man flying through the sky, Black Widow tasering someone, and Hawkeye firing his bow, and more.
  • The trailer concludes with the Avengers sitting at a round table (Thor standing) as Nick Fury tells them, “Gentlemen, you’re up.”
  • Then the titles appear, followed by a final shot of Tony Stark tapping Thor on the shoulder and quipping, “Mean swing,” which is followed by Thor launching his hammer at the screen.

The Amazing Spider-Man trailer was taken down before we got a chance to see it, but interestingly, it appears that even Spider-Man is going to start getting tied in to the Avengers chronology, as in the reboot, Spider-Man’s parents were agents of SHIELD.

UPDATE: The HD version of the Amazing Spider-Man trailer has been released!


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