New Forthcoming Collection From Harlan Ellison Highlights TV Writing

Via his Facebook page, J. Michael Straczynski has revealed the details of a forthcoming book by famed SF writer Harlan Ellison. According to the post, Brain Movies will feature meticulous scanned reproductions of scripts Ellison wrote for various SF television shows including The Outer Limits, Star Trek, The Twilight Zone, and Alfred Hitchcock Presents. In the case of the script for Alfred Hitchcock Presents, a handwritten version will also be included. More details after the cut.

Brain Movies will also include a manifesto written by Ellison taken from the time he served as creative consultant for Straczynksi’s Babylon 5 entitled “A Terrifying List of Things Not to Do When Writing For Babylon 5.” The book will also feature an introduction by Straczynksi called “Touching Magic.”

Finally, according to Straczynski, a limited number of the books will be signed by both himself and Ellison; the first time both have them have officially autographed something together. Brain Movies is to be published by PUBLISHING 180, which will make the book available for pre-order at this URL very soon. (There is nothing there now, but Straczynski’s post indicates the pre-order will appear there soon.)

Though this marks the first time an official manifesto from Ellison has been released in book form, many of the introductions to his collection Troublemakers contained all sorts of advice.

What are you looking forward to more in Brain Movies? The scripts? The manifesto? Both?

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