Pottermore Revealed

Minutes ago, J.K. Rowling finally announced her plans behind Pottermore, the mysterious website that appeared a week hence with only a “Coming Soon” sign to warns readers and fans.

It seems that Rowling is intent on pursuing the life of the books within the Harry Potter community. Starting in October, fans will be able to join Pottermore and experience the series in a whole new way. According to the The Telegraph, this site will be part social networking forum and part computer game, where a whole new generation of readers will be able to follow Harry’s footsteps online, beginning with their own sorting by the famous rhyming hat.

New information on the universe that never made it into the books will be available on the Pottermore site; part of the reason for bringing this project to the public was to give Rowling a place to leave addition information about her characters and the wizarding world for the reading community to discover. It is unclear how this information will be unlocked, but it is part of the interactive experience Pottermore will create. While fans still might be treated to a Harry Potter encyclopedia, now there is a new way to learn more about the world they know and love.

In addition, Pottermore will also offer the Harry Potter books in ebook format, bringing Harry further into the digital world. You can register for a special challenge—one million lucky fans who beat it will receive the opportunity to try the site out as early as July 31st (Harry and Rowling’s birthday).

So what do you think? Are you eager to explore this unique digital reading experience? Are you disappointed that it wasn’t something else? Share your thoughts and feelings below!


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